Global risk management

STIB has a global risk management system for all the company's departments. In this context, it pays particular attention to the risks involved in operating its (metro, tram and bus) network, so it can limit the risks as much as possible and guarantee the continuity and availability of its transport solutions.

In 2020, in the face of the pandemic, risk management also meant strict compliance with hygiene standards, in particular by improving the cleaning of vehicles and infrastructures.

But the health crisis did not prevent STIB from pursuing other risk management actions. In August it organised a disaster exercise near Stockel station, in collaboration with Brussels Mobility, the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and the Montgomery police zone. The simulation of an accident between a bus, a tram and other vehicles allowed the procedures and coordination between the various parties involved to be tested and thus further improved.

In September, STIB also equipped two of these buses with anti-collision systems. This test was carried out in collaboration with VIAS, the Institute for Road Safety. It was intended to evaluate the solutions proposed by the two systems, via feedback from driver-testers.

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