Track replacement

Lockdown and the temporary stoppage of certain construction sites did not prevent STIB from carrying out its tram track renewal programme. New rails were laid on Avenue Brugmann in Uccle, Avenue de l'Hippodrome and Rue de l'Aqueduc in Ixelles, Square Jules de Trooz in Brussels and along the route of line 39 between the Amitié and Ban-Eik stops.

On Chaussée d'Alsemberg, the replacement of the tracks of tram line 51 with new rails equipped with an anti-vibration cover, between Globe and Rue Vanderkindere, was accompanied by the complete redesign of the roadway.

This was also the case in Laeken, on Place Bockstael and Rue Fransman, where, after the replacement of the tram tracks, STIB collaborated with the City of Brussels to redevelop the square and the adjacent streets.

2020 also saw the end of the redevelopment work on Place Marie-José in Ixelles, following the replacement of the tram tracks and overhead lines along the square and the redevelopment of the "Marie-José" stop.

STIB's Central Factory was particularly prolific in 2020, producing 43 km of rails. This record is due to the extensive renovation of line 39 to Ban-Eik, the extension of tram line 9 and the construction of the Erasme metro depot.

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