A first hydrogen bus being tested

Several projects to acquire buses equipped with new motorisation technologies are underway. In April, STIB placed an order for 128 standard hybrid buses, which will arrive on the network from mid-2021. With the 110 already in service, STIB will have a total of 238 standard hybrid buses.

At the same time, STIB is developing its fleet of articulated hybrid buses. After an initial order for 141 vehicles, which have been gradually put into service since May 2019, the board of directors placed a new order for 23 additional buses in 2020. Delivery is expected in mid-2021. This will increase the capacity of the STIB bus network by about 6% compared to 2020, as part of the implementation of the bus plan. When the deliveries are completed, STIB will have a total of 164 articulated hybrid buses.

In addition to these hybrid vehicles, STIB has already commissioned 7 electric Citybuses, 5 standard electric buses and 25 articulated electric buses. And it will not stop there, as in 2020 it placed an order for the rental of the first hydrogen bus, which will carry passengers on the line from summer 2021. The aim is to be able to test this still unknown propulsion method in real conditions on the capital's public transport network.

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