2020 and the health crisis demonstrated the importance of having an efficient, high-capacity public transport network. This is why STIB continued to implement its major projects, while continuing to transport all those who needed it. In 2020, STIB invested € 337 million in developing its network.

Of the € 1.418 billion budget allocated to mobility by the Brussels-Capital Region in 2021, STIB received € 945 million in contributions, € 419 million of which are for investment in the development of public transport and € 58 million (an increase of € 19 million) to develop services in 2021. Travellers could already experience the first results this year.

In the longer term, to enable STIB to continue building the network of tomorrow - denser, more efficient and even more accessible - the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region has planned to earmark € 6.2 billion between 2019 and 2028 for the development of public transport in Brussels: new tram lines, an extension of the metro, the purchase of additional vehicles, construction of depots, etc.

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