Improving the passenger experience

STIB launched Impact in early 2020. This cross-functional project aims to improve the passenger and operational experience during planned major disruptions through clear procedures and operational fluidity.

In practical terms, planned disruptions are now categorised according to three levels of impact for passengers and operations and accompanied by specific measures.

At the same time, five working groups were set up to propose concrete actions on five themes. Among the proposals: include in the specifications facilities for passengers and operations, such as temporary stops with bus shelters; improve passenger information by providing more schematic and less textual information, adapted to local circumstances and conditions; standardise actions by establishing the methods (flyers, screens, supervisory staff) to be used for specific disruptions, etc.

Impact was implemented progressively as operations were shut down. Various new features were tested during the major shutdown of the tram lines on Rue du Progrès, between Gare du Nord and the Thomas tunnel, on Ascension weekend. A new information sign design appeared during the summer interruptions to the tram lines in De Trooz and Brugmann and during the shutdown of the metro in Stuyvenbergh. And STIB continues to take new initiatives to further improve the management of planned disruptions.

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