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Last update: 16/12/2021
The use of the cookies is regulated by the law of 10 July 2012 concerning various provisions regarding electronic communications. This law applies the European Directive known as the "Telecoms package" as amended by Directive 2009/136/CE of the European Parliament and the Council of 25 November 2009. In compliance with this legal framework, the Internet users must be informed of the editor's use of cookies and they must be able to waive them if these are not necessary for the functioning of the site.
To allow you to configure the use of cookies to your needs, we want to inform you as best as possible about them.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which can be saved by a website on your computer or mobile device when you visit websites. Each website uses these files to improve their users' browsing experience.
Information, such as your language choice for a website, is stored in this text file. When you visit the website again, this cookie is sent again to the website in question. This way, the website recognises your browser and retains elements such as your language choice.
There are various types of cookies: they can be essential to the website navigation, they can vary in retention period and in origin.

What are the different types of cookies ?

The essential cookies: these cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons in order to use the website. Because of the technical necessity, there is only an information obligation as the cookies are installed as soon as you access the website.
The marketing cookies: this website includes links to videos on YouTube, which uses cookies to register your preferences. We need your consent to use marketing cookies. More information about these cookies:
The analytical cookies: these cookies allow us to produce statistics about audience measurement. The cookies of the American company Google are thus stored on your computer through our website, as part of the Analytics service. This service is used for reporting on the visitors' use of the website. Google can communicate this information to third parties if it is legally compelled to do so, or if these parties process the information on behalf of Google. We cannot do anything about that. Google undertakes to respect the Privacy Shield principles and the company forms part of the Privacy Shield programme of the American Ministry of Commerce. This implies that, according to Google, there is an adequate protection level regarding the processing of data which could be personal. We need your consent to use these cookies.

Which cookies do we use?

The essential cookies: stibra_session, stibra_cc, stibra_cc_mrkt, stibra_cc_stats, XSRF-TOKEN.

The analytical cookies: _hj* (Hotjar), _ga and _ga_# (Google Analytics).

The marketing cookies: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC, yt.innertube::nextId, yt.innertube::requests, ytidb::LAST_RESULT_ENTRY_KEY, yt-remote-cast-available, yt-remote-cast-installed, yt-remote-connected-devices, yt-remote-device-id, yt-remote-fast-check-period, yt-remote-session-app, yt-remote-session-name (YouTube).

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