Inform, support and reassure staff

STIB has taken a number of initiatives to keep its staff informed of the various rules and instructions concerning COVID-19, by means of posters, memos, notices, letters from the Directorate-General, videos broadcast in the workplace and on the intranet, via a specific section. Regular reminders have been issued to make employees aware of the barrier measures to be adopted to avoid the spread of the virus.

STIB was also keen to support and reassure its staff, as it was aware of the psychological impact of the health crisis (stress, anxiety, fear of isolation, death of a loved one, contamination, etc.). On this occasion, it recalled that various psycho-social support measures have been put in place within the company over the years: a team of social counsellors present on the ground, assistance to victims of assault and accidents and a psycho-social assistance service that can be reached 24/7 by employees and/or their families.

Throughout the health crisis, STIB also offered support to its teleworking employees, either by creating ad hoc training courses or by digitising many of the courses in its catalogue.

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