Social networks are still popular

Among the various STIB information channels, social media has played an increasingly important role for several years. It is also increasingly popular with users. STIB's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages have become essential official information sources for passengers. As has the STIB blog (, which has 188,410 visitors.

Answering passengers' questions and complaints, offering internet users more and more exclusive content - photos, unusual information, competition, videos and podcasts - and managing more difficult moments are some of the main aims of these new information channels.

The STIB's social media are resolutely in tune with current events, but also contain a touch of humour when appropriate. This was seen in the many informative posts on COVID-19, and a video posted the day before Brexit to say goodbye to our British friends. The video featured STIB stops with names with links to Great Britain and ended with a nod to the London Underground, with "Mind the gap when leaving". It was a success: the video has been seen almost 450,000 times on Twitter.


STIB OFFICIEL : 93,364 fans +7.2%
MIVB OFFICIEEL : 8,667 fans +6.1%


@stibmivb : 133,416 followers +4.1%


@stibmivb : 14,784 followers +32%
@mivbstib : 2,063 followers +49%

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